MARKETING AUTOMATION STRATEGY: Companies are adopting marketing automation more aggressively than ever

95% of companies use or plan to use marketing automation.

Once thought of as just a “buzzword,” marketing automation is no longer a niche software only available to a select few. Now, almost all companies are exploring the benefits of marketing automation to drive more leads, close more sales, and optimize their marketing ROI.

Virtually all companies believe marketing automation is important to the success of their marketing programs.

Case study after case study show the tremendous results from using marketing automation. More leads, more won deals, higher revenue per deal, and shorter sales cycles are among the reasons companies consider marketing automation a key piece of the marketing puzzle.

Raising sales revenue is the top goal companies are targeting and achieving with marketing automation

The measure of any strategy, tactic, or tool is whether it produces a positive return on investment. By supercharging the two biggest components of revenue, leads and close rate, marketing automation pays for itself and then a whole lot more.

Marketing automation helps companies achieve their important goals.

Traditionally reaching targets like more leads, improved close rate, and higher engagement has involved a handful of different platforms and a lot of trying to marry data from all those different platforms to measure results. Marketing automation overcomes these hurdles by delivering that information on a consolidated, comprehensive platform, giving you instant visibility into exactly where you’re tracking compared to your goals.

Companies implementing marketing automation look to agencies to provide an effective marketing strategy and marketing automation expertise.

The largest obstacles to successfully starting a marketing automation program boil down to HOW and WHEN. The first step is simply how to use the platform, from setting up your first workflow, to building your first email, to hooking it up to your CRM and CMS. The second piece is about when to use the platform: the key is relevant personalized contact, not constant contact. Digital marketing agencies can help companies jump start their programs by providing guidance with the how and the when.

More companies than ever are relying on agencies and other outsourced resources for their marketing needs

Odds are you didn’t start a (non-agency) business because you wanted to focus on marketing. With how quickly the marketing landscape is evolving, it makes more and more sense to leave some or all of marketing to an outside resource so you can focus on providing value and growing your business.

The number one need that drives companies’ search for marketing automation: analytics and reporting.

Marketing is notorious for being difficult to report on, from what’s working and what isn’t, to the ROI of a particular campaign. By capturing every lead that comes in, whether by phone or by form, you’ll have 100% attribution across the board.

The metric companies find the most useful is conversion rate: a main driver of sales revenue.

Generating a bunch of leads for the sales funnel is great, but quantity isn’t enough; quality has to be considered. Budget and labor are limited resources, so it’s important to focus on the leads that are worth the money and time. Crystal-clear conversion rates by campaign means you can double down on what works and drop what doesn’t.

Most companies plan to increase their investment in marketing automation in the coming year.

The question is closed: marketing automation isn’t a fad or a buzzword. It is driving staggering revenue results across nearly every vertical, and the business community has taken notice. Marketing automation is quickly becoming a core component of the marketing toolkit and a requirement to reach leads in ways that resonate and convert.

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